10 Facts about Bathing

Did You Know?

People at all times loved soaking in the bath. Sometimes it is what you really need. Using natural handmade bath product can make your bathing really pleas full. Aromatic and colourful bath bombs will add a fantastic atmosphere. We checked some medical sources and prepared interesting facts about the wonderful bath time special for You. 

Fact No 1.

Burns kcal.

Taking a warm bath for an hour allows you to burn 126 kcal. This is equivalent to 30 minutes walk. Isn`t it great?

Fact No.2

Good for the heart

A bath with cool water improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and has a positive effect on heart function. It is very similar how fruits and vegetable improves our health.

Fact No 3.

Lowers blood sugar.

Hot bath lowers blood sugar the same as driving a bicycle. Maybe even a little bit better.

Fact No. 4

Makes you even more beautiful.

A hot bath makes us sweat and naturally cleanses our skin and body, which is comparable in effect to a run. If you combine water procedures with oils suitable for the skin, you can achieve an amazing effect. You can find wonderful oils selections in Lemoonki soaps and bath bombs.

Fact No. 5

Eliminates muscle pain

With pains in muscles and joints, not only massage, but also an ordinary bath can become a real salvation. Professional athletes add magnesia (Epsom salts) to the water to recover quickly after training. We add Epsom Salt in our bath booms those you can find HERE.

Fact No. 6

Prolongs youth

A bath of cool water reduces levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that promotes premature aging, and helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome. The same effect gives a meditation session. Try to enjoy together with our calming soap and bath bombs “Relax nation”.

Fact No. 7

Normalizes digestion

A cool cool bath is good for our digestion. It improves bowel function. Such a bath should be taken 2 hours after a meal.

Fact No. 8

Improves sleep

Doctors have proven that bathing helps to improve sleep. Bathing in hot water in the evenings contributes to rapid falling asleep and a vigorous awakening. If you suffer from bad sleep, try our lavender soap and bath bombs “Relaxed Nation”.

Fact No. 9

Cheers you up.

The study showed that taking a hot bath calms the nervous system, helps get rid of loneliness. If you add our bath bomb and soap

“Lemoon Jump” with petigrain, basil and rosemary essential oils, you can improve your mood and feel the taste for life.

Fact No. 10

And finally Bath is just fun 

A bath is a place where you can hide from everyone and allow yourself to do whatever you want: light candles, drink champagne, listen to music, dive into Zen, watch a bath bomb explode, and let rubber ducks go. 

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