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Thank you for visiting our web store. 

We are a very small but very honest studio. We made this website to introduce things that we do. We have our simple bathing joys and now we want to share them with you.  In our store, you will find a selection of handmade rustic style soaps & bath bombs and other products that are made in high standards and with passion. Traditionally we are using the hot process method for our rustic soaps that gently care about your skin. We are a cruelty-free studio. All of our products are assessed according to EU legislation. Our soaps and bath bombs are natural, SSL & Paraben-free.

Nowadays a good gentle and quality soap is everyday essential. With our natural, handmade rustic soap bars, you will protect your skin from many factors that can damage your skin and will keep it soft and healthy. Handmade soap also washes away bacteria and viruses that can stay on your skin. That means natural handmade soap is very effective to keep you healthy and also beautiful.

We create bath bombs with different oils and aroma to care about your skin and raise your mood. Body butter that can moisturize and nourish any type of skin. Skincare products we sell are always freshly made. We have a wonderful “Gifts” section, there you can find gift sets and other thematic things. For our skincare products, we use quality materials that never been tested on animals and we follow all hygiene standards.  Our products are cruelty-free and SAFE to use. You always can find our full ingredient list at the single product page. We Love simple bathing joys we sell and hope you will love them as well. If you have any requests to us, comments or questions we will be happy to hear from you, so please contact us by email support@lemoonki.co.uk or use our contact form.

Thank you for Your trust and support.

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