Natural Soap: The Hot New Luxury Gift

The Hot New Luxury Gift

Is it time to choose a gift for your loved one? Forget the stereotypical gifts and get a pack of natural and perfumed soaps. A craze as far as health and beauty products go, natural soaps  have been popular for many years. For all you creative gift-hunters, lifestyle gurus have a bohemian suggestion for the all seasons Lemoonki natural soaps made with shea butter and olive oil, sweet almon oil, lavender, coconut or castor oil among other spices and oil. Soaps have a rich history.

    Romans and other great civilizations used olive oil soaps, as they knew even back then, the many benefits of natural ingredients in enhancing beauty. Besides, Asian countries such as India have a heritage of herbal beauty therapies that date back to more than a few thousand years. But this trend of gifting natural soap is definitely new and novel, especially for its uniqueness!  Naturally Skin Loving Because natural soaps are made mostly from natural oils, plant extracts, herbs,  etc. they are great for your skin. Not only do they re-hydrate your skin with care, but also help in making you look younger, more beautiful, and blemish free. A basic skin care item, natural soaps come in a variety of shapes, scents, colors, and textures. These handmade soaps contain  natural ingredients that not just clean your skin, but do so with loving care. Handmade soaps do not use animal testing nor contain animal-based products.   Some of the most popular natural ingredients contained in these soaps include:

* Olive oil * Avocado oil

* Coconut oil 

* Sunflower oil

* Shea butter  * Sweet Almond oil

* Grape seed oil

* Castor oil

*Macadamia oil With over a few dozens of natural combination available to help you achieve a glowing, healthy, and beautiful skin, natural soaps are also have medicinal advantages. Soaps that have green tree oil, olive oil, Shea butter extracts help in fighting common skin diseases such as acne etc. Natural soaps can be found in rectangular bar form at most drugstores. Nevertheless, the size and shapes vary, as they are usually hand cut. Other commonly available shapes are round bars, oval bars, square bars. These natural soaps are available in different varieties ranging from rose, fruit, herb, lavender, and lemon. Special Skin Care Needs Since there are plenty of choices of natural soaps, you can easily get one that can meet your special skin care requirements. Glycerin soaps are also good for those who suffer from oily skin. Adding to the popularity of this natural skin care items is the endorsement from cosmetologists who are also of the opinion that natural oil soaps are fantastic for the skin as they significantly improve the quality of skin. However, it may be advisable to consult a doctor before you begin using a hand-made, natural soap. This will ensure that you do not experience any adverse effects on your skin.   If you are looking for a personalized gift for your loved one, then natural and hand-made soaps are the perfect choice. Not only are these soaps environment friendly, they also keeping the skin glowing, clean, refreshed, and moisturized.

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